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CashStar is a leading provider of digital gift card solutions. CashStar Commerce enables merchants to distribute digital and plastic gift cards.


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molly says

"If I could give no stars or minus 5 stars I would. Customer service kept transferring me to agents who were not there. After 2 hours on the phone in addition to two hours my son spent on the phone after the ecard from CASHSTAR wouldn't go through and they told him that I needed to call because I purchased the ecard, we both got nowhere. I will cancel the transaction through my credit card. Best Buy, get your act together!!"

rey says

"I called their customer service with the question of a bestbuy gift card I purchased, a indian accent guy can not answer it. Then I want to know how they work with bestbuy, he still cannot answer it. What he did is just telling me he cannot locate my account, and simply hang up my call. I feel so confused why he acts so rude."

RV says

"Bought a gift card which I never received. Was promised a refund which I never received. They stopped responding to my customer inquiries, and they rarely answer the phone as it is. Basically they've stolen my money, I've now had to officially dispute the charges with my credit card company."

Kimberly Snow says

"I bought 100 dollars in gift cards on Dec 17, 2020 for Red Robin from Cashstar. They never came as of Jan 3rd 2021. So I had no X-mas gifts for two people. :( I sent several emails to Cashstar to address the issue and no one responded. I called and was on hold forever so hung up.

I got through once on the phone on Dec 29th and was told they have 10 days to get the cards to me BUT their confirmation email says just 2-3 days MAX as they use "first class mail."

On Jan 1st I got on an online chat with Cashstar to ask where my cards were as they still were not here. Again they pressed the cards take 10 days not counting holidays and weekends but I knew they where lying so pressed for a refund which was thankfully granted to my card Jan 3rd.

Although I got a refund-I had to fight hard for it and likely got it as I used a credit card which protects me to some extent. In addition, I was pretty firm with them as by that time I became aware of the countless bad online reviews and did not want to be another one of their victims.

BTW even AFTER the refund hit my credit card the gift cards were not in the days mail. If they indeed sent the cards on the 19th as they claimed, they would definitely be here by now. I live in Los Angeles with a locked mailbox. Not at the top of a mountain top in the middle of an ocean.

They simply never sent them.

I think the companies that utilize Cashstar need to start handling their own gift cards as the bad experience Cashstar provides will reflect on them as well."

KoolNana says

"The worst!

The worst experience of online shopping ever. I ordered a Dick’s gift card on December 5 as a Christmas gift. It is December 27 & it has not arrived. I called customer service & could not get through. Their voice message while on hold gives varying hole times. It goes from “your call will be answered in 19 minutes” to “59 minutes”to “26 minutes.” Never again. Run when you see the name Cash Star!!!"

Ziqi Feng says

"Try to purchase the gift card with 10% off through CashStar bedbathbeyond and it doesn't process. Called the department and wait for 2hour. They reply me with nonsense answer. saying " it doesn't go through and that's what is it". I asked what should I do and they did not care and reply saying "that's what it is" in a very very rude manner. I asked if I can talk to the supervisor and they hanged up my call."

Kelly Terrell says

"I ordered an Ulta gift card through Cashstar (on Ulta's website) 5 days ago. They said they would send me an email in 48 hours giving me an update about shipping. Still no update, no one on chat is available, when I called their customer service line provided to me by Ulta, (1-844-249-2086), there isn’t a way to opt to speak to someone or connect with someone. I am fine with delays. It's not being able to speak with anyone in customer service or getting an updates."

Katie McAuley says

"bought 2 gift cards through paypal, charged twice, they couldn't locate order and now I have to dispute charges because I have so much spare time during the holidays. Screw this company, no idea how BestBuy allows them to be associated."

Gregory Wilson: says

"Purchased 2 gift cards for 2 different companies. Never received a confirmation email that the cards had been sent. Spent 30 minutes trying to resolve the problem. They could tell me if or when they might be sent. Cancelled the transaction and diluted the charges with my bank. Save yourself the time trouble and expense, get your cards another way."

Bryan Howie says


Christopher & Kimberly Skach says

"Cashstar/Blackhawk is a company illegally hijacking website searches to sell non-existent gift cards. I googled Bed Bath & Beyond & purchased $100 gift card. Upon completion, it was revealed that the card had been purchased by Cashstar & a card "would be sent when one becomes available." This is a fradulent site - no idea why the Better Business Bureau (with NUMEROUS complaints) allows them to stay in business. Run or your money will be GONE"

Aoba Suzukaze says

"Bought $500 bestbuy giftcard that they never processed and they refuse to refund me. Beware, this is a scam."

Cancuck Drone says

"Purchased gift cards online from retailers in Canada and they were delivered in US dollars and couldn't be used. No one would help me, brutal service. I've noticed they have tons of complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau. Avoid at all costs."

Cancuck Drone says

"Brutal. I linked to them from a Canadian website, purchased the item, and it was sent in USD. The recipient can't use it and the retailer won't do anything about it."

Fred says

"Took 500$ and never delivered home Depot gift card customer support is such miserable"

Michael says

"I ordered two gift certificates though DSG well within the time required and neither of them arrived even close to the promised date. These were Christmas gifts. I tried calling, but their phone system was not working (kept getting a recording stating that they needed more input) so I went on their chat line, waited in line for over 40 minutes and was then told they couldn't help me or track the cards because they used USPS. The chat itself lasted over an hour because the person took three to five minutes to respond to each question. Still haven't seen the gift dedicates and it's been over two weeks."

Chris says

"Customer service failed to respond to calls/call back and emailed ticket goes unanswered a week later. It appears they offer a legit service, but with poor customer service and no one to speak to I wouldn't trust them again."

Furat Zaydi says

"Bought a EGiftcard through Subway sandwiches that should be delivered from cashstar. I contacted Subway and They told me i should contact cashstar.

Only problem is that this Company doesnt respond on emails? Not even a dispute or that They send to The Wrong e-mail. No, The Company just doesnt respond and doesnt deliver.

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